North Caucasian Mountain Club

North Caucasian Mountain Club is a team of experts in the travel field, professional adventurers and pioneers from all over the world whose goal is to rediscover the North Caucasus, one of the most interesting, mysterious and beautiful places on Earth, and to share their discoveries with you.

During our work in North Caucasus we achieved

- organization of Trans-Caucasian route Alans’ path that goes along the highest mountain roads of Russia;
- development of multiple unique tours not only to popular but also to unknown attractions of the Caucasus that are explored with our specially equipped Toyota off-roaders;
-construction on Mount Elbrus of unique, comfortable and eco-friendly eco-hotel LeapRus at 4000 meters above sea;
- start of the universal for the region internet traveler’s guide VisitCaucasus.ru;
- first time in Russia’s history the largest world festival of ethnic music WOMAD Russia is held on the territory of the Caucasus region;
- development of the unique trademark North Caucasus – the Homeland of Hospitality for the whole North Caucasian Federal District and many other things.

Our Club looks forward to cooperate with enthusiasts and adventurers who are fond of travel and discoveries just as we are.


Our team


North Caucasian Mountain Club collaborates with experts in different fields to create its unique projects. Among the most notable partners are the North Caucasus Development Corporation, Italian manufacturer Leapfactory, social projects fund VisitCaucasus.ru and many others.

We are always ready to collaborate and establish partner relationships with reliable tour operators and any company whose priority is development of travel industry in North Caucasus.